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Flight Test Kit

Flight Test Kit


Test out our processing chemistry with our combo pack. This mini chemistry set includes 500 ml of our SP-76EC developer and 120 ml of SP-Fixer #7. Enough to process ten tanks of film in the SP-445.

Developer: SP-76EC is a phenidone-based developer that can be used with all black and white films. It provides fine grain, high acutance and excellent tonal range.

Novice users will appreciate its forgiving nature. This is due to the addition of inhibitors that help prevent over-development. Advanced users can tune the dilution ratio to suit their particular needs.

500ml bottle: when diluted 1+10 (44ml to 440 ml of water), this will process at least 10 tanks with the SP-445. Hint: Keep the cap as a spare for your SP-445 film tank.

Fixer: SP-Fixer #7 is a low odor, rapid archival fixer. It does not require a traditional acid stop bath and is both non-bleaching and non-hardening. Comes in a 4 oz (120ml) bottle. Dilute with 12 oz of distilled water; will process up to 10 tanks with the SP-445.

Don't forget our film wetting agent, SP-H2O Flow, helps your negatives dry spot free.

Click here for the SP-76EC data sheet.

Click here for the SP-Fixer #7 data sheet.


SP-fixer #7 MSDS



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