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High Speed Take-off

High Speed Take-off


Crank it up!

Package contains one box (50 sheets) of Fomapan 400 4"x5" film; one bottle (500ml) of SP-76EC film developer; one bottle (4 oz) SP-Fixer #7 and a bottle of SP-H2O-Flow.

 Fomapan 400 is another "classic" style emulsion and reminds us of the original Tri-X from the 80's. It is a panchromatically sensitized, black and white negative film rated at ISO 400/21. Perfect for use in less than ideal lighting situations and by artists seeking that vintage look. It offers high resolution and wide exposure latitude.

You can shoot this at ISO 200 for greater contrast; or push it to 800 (or higher) with little change in grain.

For more info on the film:Foma 400

SP-76EC data sheet

SP-Fixer #7 data sheet

SP-H2O Flow


SP-fixer #7 MSDS

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