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PMK Pyro Developer

PMK Pyro Developer

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PMK Pyro is a modernized version of a darkroom classic. Designed specifically for modern film emulsions, it minimizes grain, maximizes film speed and provides optimum staining effect.

Comes in two bottles: Solution A is the Developer; Solution B is the Accelerator.
Mix 5ml (A) + 10ml (B) +470 water (for most films.)

Now available in a convenient liquid kit that makes 12 liters of working solution.

Processing times:
Foma 100 - 11 minutes @ 68F
Foma 400 - 13 minutes @ 68F
Shanghia 100 - 11 minutes @68F


Do not use an acid stop bath;
Use a neutral, non-hardening fixer (our Fixer #7 is recommended.)
Do NOT discard the developer; you'll need it to stain the negatives after fixing.
Wear gloves.

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