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SP-110EC Film Developer

SP-110EC Film Developer

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HC-110 without the sticky, syrupy mess.

Okay, we can't claim this is exactly equivalent to Kodak's original formula; nor can we claim you'll get exactly the same results. But it's darn close.

Use just like you would the old stuff. Except you don't need to bother with the syringes and intermediate dilutions. Just mix straight from the bottle: 15ml + 465ml water (standard dilution.) You can vary the concentration to adjust contrast.

Comes in an 8 oz (236 ml) bottle; will process about 15 tankfuls at standard dilution.

We've included two sample images. One processed in SP-110EC and the other in Kodak's original formula. You'll have to visit the SP-445 Flickr group to learn which is which.

 SP-110EC instruction sheet


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