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Expired 35mm Film

Expired 35mm Film


We ran into a deal on 35mm film that we couldn't pass up. But since we haven't found a use for it yet, we've decided to give it away. When it's gone, it's gone. Please pick one:

Tri-X: ALL GONE! Expired in 1993 but still usable. We tested it at ISO 200. We've spooled this off into 24 exposure rolls.

FP4: Not sure when it expired, probably early 2000s. (Rate it at ISO 50?) Also in 24 exposure rolls.

NOTE: Tri-X and FP4 will ship in a random cassette, it will NOT be labeled correctly and the DX codes will probably be invalid! Also, our bulk loader isn't all that accurate, might only get 22 exposures or maybe you'll get 26, no guarantees.

C41: Expiration varies but most in the early 2000s. Some color; some black and white print film. Random assortment, no guarantee as to what you'll get. Most of what's left is Kodak's Black & White film for C41 processing.

E6:  Various manufacturers, speeds etc. What we've tested came out great, even at the rated ISO; your results may vary.  The Velvia RVP 50 expired in 1998; the rest in the early 2000s.

Regarding E6/C41film: not all varieties are shown! You can make a request but don't be disappointed if we can't fulfill your dreams.

Limit one roll/cassette per customer. No warranty given, use at your own risk.

Please post your photos to social media and hashtag "Stearman Press"!

Shipping is free with any order; typically runs about $3.25 by itself.

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