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Pryro Mania Special!  PMK Pyro Developer/Foma 400 Film Combo with Free Fixer + Free gloves.

Pryro Mania Special! PMK Pyro Developer/Foma 400 Film Combo with Free Fixer + Free gloves.

$82.00 $92.00

Try Foma's high speed film and PMK Pyro (and save a few bucks.)

Fomapan 400:  A "classic" style emulsion and reminds us of the original Tri-X from the 80's. It is a panchromatically sensitized, black and white negative film rated at ISO 400/21. Perfect for use in less than ideal lighting situations and by artists seeking that vintage look. It offers high resolution and wide exposure latitude. Box of 50 sheets.

You can shoot this at ISO 200 for greater contrast; or push it to 800 (or higher) with little change in grain.  Here's the data sheet: Foma 400

PMK Pyro: A modernized version of a darkroom classic. Designed specifically for modern film emulsions, it minimizes grain, maximizes film speed and provides optimum staining effect.

Comes in two bottles: Solution A is the Developer; Solution B is the Accelerator.
Mix 5ml (A) + 10ml (B) +470 water (for most films.)

Note: Save the PMK Pyro after the developing step! You need it to stain the negatives after fixing! Read the instructions for details.

More info here: PMK Pyro

SP-Fixer #7: This is a low odor, rapid archival fixer. It does not require a traditional acid stop bath. It is also non-bleaching and neutral pH; excellent for use with PMK Pyro.  Comes in a 4 oz (120ml) bottle. Dilute with 12 oz of distilled water; will process 12 tankfuls with the SP-445.  More info: SP-Fixer #7

Nitrile Gloves: The combo includes a free box of our Nitrile gloves (You REALLY should wear gloves when using Pyro.)  Don't forget to select the correct glove size before checkout. While most people could get by with either size (the gloves do stretch), most guys would probably want to order the large; most ladies the medium.

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