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26 years too late...

Tim Gilbert

It's a long story but I've accidentally acquired 300' of Kodak Tri-X 35mm film. It expired in 1993 but had been stored in a sealed plastic tub in a basement up in the Colorado mountains.

Now what? Frankly, I don't shoot much 35mm (so don't ask why I went to the effort to "acquire" this. I just couldn't resist.)  Anyway, I've shot a few rolls (at ISO 200) and played around with developers.



It's a bit grainy (no surprise), lots of fog (0.64 according to my densitometer) but it's still usable. The above were processed in Xtol 1:1; I'm going to try SP-76EC next.

Any suggestions on what to do with it? Maybe give it away and have a "26 years too late photo contest"?

I've also ended up with over 100 rolls of various E-6 and C-41 rolls (mostly from the 2002-2005 years).

I really need to stay off of Craigslist ...



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