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Processing 9x12 Film in the SP-445/SP-645

Tim Gilbert

Believe it or not, people are still shooting 9 cm x12 cm film.  And they're still asking if they can processes it our film tanks. In fact, they started asking before the first SP-445 even shipped! 

While an injection molded 9x12 film holder would be the perfect solution, the market just isn't large enough to justify it. The best answer we've had so far is to modify an original Rev 1 film holder: Processing 9x12.

So here's another answer: a 3D printed adapter kit:

Now we could have the parts printed for you, but that would be way more hassle than we think it's worth. Just shipping the parts overseas, (90% of the market is in Europe), would cost more than the parts.  Besides, everyone has a 3D printer, or knows someone who does.

So just download the files here: 9x12 Adapter Kit and print your own.

 Some comments, notes and disclaimers:

  • These are STL files and intended for use on an SLA printer.
  • Print in the resin of your choice and super glue them in place.
  • Note that there is a left rail, right rail and bottom stop. You'll need to print two of each part to convert one film holder.
  • Standard disclaimers apply, use at your own risk. Stearman Press is not responsible for anything involving these files etc.
  • We cannot provide guidance regarding 3D printer settings, materials etc.
  • Not for resale but you are allowed pay someone to print them for you. Note that there are numerous services online that offer 3D parts.
  • Obviously, the film holder isn't included.
  • Be sure to check the fit carefully before applying glue.
  • Some filing, sanding or other adjustment might be required to ensure a proper fit.
  • Full disclosure: We've only been able to perform mechanical testing. We haven't tested with actual 9x12 film since we don't have a 9x12 camera.

 Comments and feedback always welcome:



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