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Free Film

Tim Gilbert

We know we're supposed to focus on "large format" but last November we ran into a deal on 35mm film that we couldn't pass up. But since we haven't found a use for it yet, we're just going to give it away.
Knowing that many of you also shoot 35mm, we decided to offer our newsletter subscribers first dibs. But when it's gone, it's gone.
It's all expired but what we've tested has been quite usable. The E6 came out great, even at rated ISO; Tri-X and FP4 was a bit grainy, as expected (when shot at about half the rated speed.) Haven't tried any of the C41 yet.
Of course, no warranty given, use at your own risk. Certainly wouldn't shoot my daughter's wedding with any of it.
If you want a roll, just add the film of your choice to your order. If all you want is a free roll of film, shipping will be around $3.00 (in the USA). Or, if you're in the Denver area and are brave enough to venture out (we've got a blizzard raging today), we'll toss you a roll from a safe distance.
Limit is one roll per customer. Please don't try and order more. If we still have a bunch left in a few weeks, we'll revisit that policy.
Processing hints (this is really tricky!)
Tri-X: In our testing, we exposed this at ISO160-200;  we processed in our SP-76EC for 9 minutes @ 68F. That's about 25% longer than normal.
FP4: Again, we rated this around ISO 50-64; processed about 25% longer than normal.
C41: Best guess: exposed at 1/2 ISO; process normally.
E6: So far, we've seen great results exposing at rated ISO and processing normally.
Our not so secret plan: hopefully, everyone will post their favorite photos to social media and hashtag "stearman press".
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