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Latest SmartLid display, keypad and user's guide

Tim Gilbert

We're still plugging away on the SmartLid. Here's the latest concept for the keypad and display:

 You can review the updated User's guide: Version 0.2

 Please post your comments below.

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  • bambi on

    I would suggest having the button functions spelt out – AT CT ET etc. I feel could be confusing especially for users whose native language is not English.

    I presume the power button is a toggle for ON and OFF – if that is the case I would suggest using the international power icon instead of “ON”.

    F/C I would have °F-°C

    Since the tank is black maybe not blue for the base color might be a nicer design, I hope my thoughts may be helpful with the design

  • Tom Eric Schmidt on

    Hi Tim,
    looks good! I have some wishes or ideas ;-)
    Could you implement an beep 3 seconds before the AT and CT reaches zero? This pre alarm will help to be ready when the counter reaches zero or it is time for the next agitation.
    What do you think about add two more CT? Most people have different times for developmnt, stopbath and fixing bath.
    So for example CT1 is used for development and when it reaches zero the time for CT2 comes up and wait for pressing the start button. Same for CT3
    Great project! I’m looking forward to get my SmartLid.
    Kind regards,
    Tom Eric

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