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SP-8x10+ update and Kickstarter rejection

Tim Gilbert

You've probably seen our Kickstarter preview.

And Kickstarter has already rejected it! Their reason is a silly administrative misunderstanding (on their part) and it's not worth the effort to explain it here.

Anyway, we cleared that up and they replied with a generic list of "suggested improvements". Some of which are interesting, some of which are silly but most just prove they didn't really read our proposal and they certainly don't understand our market. Ugh. This leaves us three choices:

  1. Bow down to the bureaucrats at Kickstarter, get everything perfected and resubmit. Note that Kickstarter only allows ONE appeal so we have to get it right the next time.
  2. Move the project to Indiegogo (which we did last year with the SP-445 Rack project due to Kickstarter silliness.) While Indiegogo has their own issues they are much easier to deal with overall.
  3. Load a pre-sales app on our website and run our own project, our way. Tempting but presents legal and logistical issues of it's own.

Frankly, we haven't decided. What we have decided is that nothing will happen before Christmas. In fact, the SP-8x10+ might not officially launch until Jan 2019. Part of the challenge is squeezing this in between the Christmas/New Year holidays in the West and the upcoming Chinese New Year.

What we do know for sure is that we're going to continue our research and testing. We're investigating some new twists and hopefully will have an even more awesome version ready by the project launch date (whenever that is.)

As always, thanks for your comments and suggestions. We'll publish another update addressing most of those soon.


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