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Shrinking the Darkroom

Tim Gilbert

The Deck is stacked in your favor

So you want to make your own darkroom prints but your bathroom isn't big enough for all the equipment. Here's a rendering of our solution:

The trays are stacked in a staggered configuration with a built-in print washer. (Yeah, we know people have stacked trays before but we've added a twist or two, read on.)

The 8x10 version will fit in a 16" x 16" space. Disassembles for cleaning and storage.
The print washer would have 6-10 slots, each with its own water inlet/outlet. Regarding the figure above: top port is the outlet, bottom right port is the inlet, bottom left port is the drain/purge. (That's the current configuration; we've got some other ideas as well.)

Now for a twist:
You can see that each tray has a built-in "radiator" with its own inlet and outlet that will allow you to control the temperature by running water through it. One option: save water by running it through the trays and then through the print washer.

This could also be used for up to 8x10 sheet film. And if you had a large enough darkbag, you could process it anywhere.

Notes and disclaimers:
  • We're still thinking about the print washer plumbing; it will probably change.
  • Same situation with the heat transfer lines in the tray; we need to experiment.
  • Right now we're focusing on the 8x10 market but it might end up a bit larger. (Going larger will get real expensive really fast.)
  • This is a rough draft of a potential product. Everything is subject to change.
We'd really appreciate your feed back before we charge forward. Please take our survey: click here.  We know the questions aren't perfect. Feel free to follow up with an email to our product development team.

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