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Still getting questions about those silly caps!

Tim Gilbert

We're still getting the occasional question about the caps used on the SP-445.

The question now: what do you do when you lose one? (Come on, admit it, you will lose one.)  Sure, they are available on the website but that doesn't help you on a Sunday night when you're supposed to have pictures ready Monday morning.

As we've said, it is a standard size: the industry calls it a 33/400 (33mm in diameter; not sure where the 400 came from). Here's what I found after a quick trip to our fridge and the local convenience store.

 Okay, the bottle of SP-76EC came from our inventory cabinet but it does use the same size cap (different seal). In our quick test, the others worked pretty well and will certainly get you by in a crunch. They may not thread on as easy; be careful not to over tighten.

If you find others, let us know; we'll pass it along.

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