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Plate Holders for J. Lane Glass Dry Plates, (pair)

Plate Holders for J. Lane Glass Dry Plates, (pair)


These plate holders are optimized for the J. Lane glass plates and will allow you to process two plates at once in our SP-445 tank (one plate per holder.)

Available sizes are:
4" x 5" (3.94" x 4.96") 
9 x 12 cm (88 x 119 mm)
1/4 plate (3.23" x 4.21")
Postcard (3.23" x 5.47")

Stuff to be aware of:
Since the volume of glass plate is much greater than that of sheet film, (all plates are 1.30 mm thick), you will not need as much chemistry (425 ml recommended).

You will need to modify the lid as shown below, otherwise the notches may "pinch" the glass and crack it. You can do this with a small file, sandpaper or sharp knife. (This shouldn't affect its use for sheet film.)

Postcard plates also require the addition of a small "stop" in the lid. Note: even though they're the same width, postcard and 1/4 plate require different holders due to alignment with the lid.

These are 3D printed from ABS plastic and are almost as strong as injection molded parts. However, they do have a rougher surface and may have a slight warp in the long dimension (neither issue affects use.)

Because these are printed to order, there may be a 2-3 week shipping delay.

Price is per pair (2 holders). (Yeah, they're more expensive but hey, it takes hours to print each one.)

Before you ask: yes, we are looking into a production mold; we need to see how the market develops (ignore the pun.)

Dry Plates are not included.
SP-445 sold separately.

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