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FOMAPAN 100: 13cm x 18cm

FOMAPAN 100: 13cm x 18cm

$82.45 $97.00

"The warehouse goofed up sale" 

We ordered 5x7 but they sent 13x18! If you're an odd-ball (aren't we all?) that shoots this odd-ball format, you're in luck!  Get it for 15% off!

Note: it will work in our SP-8x10 Tray system but will not fit a standard 5"x7" holder!

Fomapan 100 boasts a "classic" style emulsion that renders deep blacks, crisp whites and beautiful grays. It is a panchromatically sensitized, black and white negative film rated at ISO 100/21. This film is characterized by high resolution, wide exposure latitude and fine grain.  Box of 50 sheets.

Great for the novice refining their skills and for the expert seeking to replicate the vintage look of yesteryear.

Here's our standard test shot (4x5):

We recently complete our testing of Foma 100 and SP-76EC, details here: Processing Data

Here's the info sheet: Foma 100

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