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Fomapan 400 is another "classic" style emulsion and reminds us of the original Tri-X from the 80's. It is a panchromatically sensitized, black and white negative film rated at ISO 400/21. Perfect for use in less than ideal lighting situations and by artists seeking that vintage look. It offers high resolution and wide exposure latitude. Box of 50 sheets.

You can shoot this at ISO 200 for greater contrast; or push it to 800 (or higher) with little change in grain.

Editorial comments: We've heard some grumbling about this film (often from people who admit they haven't used it!) Just don't expect it to be something it was never intended to be! Frankly, this is not the film you'd probably chose for a fashion shoot or photos of delicate flowers. However, it would be great for portraits of grizzly old lumberjacks or low light street photography.

Here's a sample photo shot at rated speed:


Comments: Exposed at the rated 400 ISO; processed in SP-76EC; 7 minutes; 1+10 dilution; 75F.

Now here's an example shot at ISO 800:


The above was shot at ISO 800, processed in SP-76EC, 1+14, 14 minutes @ 75F.

Here's the info sheet: Foma 400

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