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SP-8x20 daylight processing tray

SP-8x20 daylight processing tray


The SP-8x20 allows you to process:
  • 1 sheet of 8x20
  • 2 sheets of 8×10
  • 4 sheets of 5x7

Simple: No frames/holders to fumble with in the dark. Just take the lid off and drop in your film. No seals, O rings or complicated mechanical contraptions.

Efficient: only 600 ml of chemistry required!

Convenient: After loading in the dark, all processing is performed in daylight.

Proven: tray processing has been around since, well, the first days of photography. It just works.


  • Rendering shown in blue and gray for clarity, actual production parts are black. Unit comes fully assembled.
  • SP-8x20 are built to order! Build time is about two weeks.
  • These are hand assembled, not hand crafted. In other words: they are kind of ugly! They will have scratches, machining marks, glue splotches etc.
  • Sorry but you cannot process 8 sheets of 4x5; it just got too complicated.

Download the user's guide here: SP-8x20 User's Guide

Intro video: Tim Layton and the SP-8x20

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