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SP-Ultra 4LF Developer

SP-Ultra 4LF Developer


Finally, a developer optimized for large format film! SP-Ultra 4LF provides excellent tonal graduation and a true speed increase over the manufacturer's rating.

Our unique packaging reduces your exposure to dust and simplifies mixing. Just add hot water to make 500 ml of stock solution.

The pouch is filled with Nitrogen during production and Mylar layer reduces Oxygen permeation, thus increasing shelf life.

  • Low dust, Nitrogen filled pouch
  • Smooth gradation
  • Excellent shadow detail
  • High acutance
  • Moderate grain
  • Reusable screw cap

Recommended dilution is 1+9 for a working solution.

Suggested speeds/times for Foma films:


Suggested ISO rating

Development time (1+9)

Foma 100
125 7:00 30 +10/60
Foma 200 Creative
250 8:00 30 +10/60
Foma 400
400 8:00 30 +10/30


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See the User's Guide for more details.

User's guide: SP-Ultra 4LF Developer

SDS for SP-Ultra 4LF

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