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ZoneView viewing filter

ZoneView viewing filter


New version in stock!

The new and improved ZoneView is now in stock! The new profile fits your face better, making it easier to envision wide-angle shots.

The ZoneView is a simple tool to help you visualize the image before you click the shutter!

Editors note: many photographers, (including Ansel Adams), have recommended using a black card with a rectangular cutout to help with composition. Ansel often carried a viewing filter (typically a Wratten #90) to help visualize the response of black and white film.
The ZoneView is an all in one solution and thin enough to carry in a shirt pocket; always at the ready. The filter provides a spectral response similar to the #90 and the cutout matches the height:width ratio of 4”x5” sheet film. However, there are several differences:

1.    While the ZoneView provides a similar spectral response as the Wratten #90; it does allow a bit more blue light to pass through. (We felt that the Wratten filter eliminates too much blue, resulting in artificially high contrast.)
2.    The filter material is not “optically clear". (We don't expect anyone to be photographing through it.)
3.    It is a lot cheaper!

Disclaimer: the ZoneView will not instantly make you the world's greatest photographer. As with any tool, it requires practice to master, but once mastered, it can make you a better photographer (at least $9 better).

To keep the cost down, the frame is made of cardboard (with a water resistant coating) and the filter material is plastic. It's designed to last for months, maybe even years, if you're careful with it.

Here's the User's Guide: ZoneView

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