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SP-Rack: standing tall; drip dry.

Tim Gilbert

The Rack 

We've heard about people building some rather creative stands to keep their SP-445 from tipping over. Frankly, the few times it has happened to us were non-events: the lid stayed on and we just stood it back up. But a stand can provide a bit of stability and peace of mind.

On the other hand, drying the SP-445 can be quite frustrating. If you just turn the tank upside down, even hanging over the corner of your sink, there isn't enough air flow to dry it out quickly. If you leave it right side up, water pools in the bottom and it takes forever to dry out.

So here's our solution:

Note that the tank is tilted to promote draining. You can even aim a small fan at it to speed things up.

We even did a fancy video with music and everything: SP-Rack video

If we get enough interest, we'll either launch a Kickstarter or maybe just allow people to pre-order while we build the mold. Of course, this is just the first prototype and it would need to be optimized for production. But you get the idea.

The only detail we're sure of: production units won't be black (we're tired of it); probably blue or green just to brighten things up.

As for price, probably in the $15-25 range.

The prototype was 3D printed out of ABS. If you're in a hurry and want to print your own, here's the STL file: SP-445-Rack.STL.

Here's a reference drawing: Rack Drawing

Note: the stl file is provided without warranty of any kind, different printers may generate different results. Some adjustments may be required for your 3D printer. While the design is copyrighted, you may print copies for your personal use.

 As always, comments welcome.

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  • Tate on

    The crown funding did not reach its goal. What does that mean for those of use that contributed?

  • ben on


    I tried to import this into Cura and Repetier and the size was completely wrong. Can you update the file to be the correct dimensions, or let me know the scale for the print?


  • timothy klein on

    The lid is the back, you can see it in the video. Haven’t decide what to do with the caps yet.

  • John Foster on

    Hi, I was wondering where the lid , fill and vent caps will be on the drying rack? your pictures only show
    the light baffles and film holders.

    thanks and best regards,


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