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Photographer's Logbook

Photographer's Logbook


We all know that we should record every exposure but few of us do!

Now you have no excuse: the ultimate logbook, optimized for large format photography.

Each page is laid out to record one film holder, (two sheets of film).

Backside is blank for extra info, sketches etc.

Look inside: Photographer's logbook (pdf)
(Note: the pdf shows the front cover, inside of the front cover, one of the 50 log pages, inside of the back cover, back cover.)


  • 4" x 6", fits in your back pocket (and most shirt pockets.)
  • 50 pages, wire (not spiral!) bound for easy page turning.
  • Exposure Guide: General guidelines to help you estimate the exposure for when your meter dies (or you can't find it.)
  • Shutter Speed Compensation chart: recalculate the f/stop for non-standard shutter speeds.

Note: the cover is really close to an 18% gray card. We say "close" since none of our four gray cards (from four different vendors) agree with each other. The Logbook cover is within about 1/3 stop of any of them. So do your own testing.

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