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The Saga of the Ellen Jane, a WWII aviation adventure

The Saga of the Ellen Jane, a WWII aviation adventure


She came to Brazil on a mission: find the man who ruined her mother's life. Then kill him. Things were moving smoothly for Jeni, a French doll with a nice face, a nice body and a not-so-nice reputation. That is, until she met Mark.  And they both could see the storm clouds of Nazi Germany rolling toward the continent.

Together, along with a prudish missionary girl and a German double-agent, they join a clandestine team of scofflaws struggling to defend Brazil against a Nazi insurrection. Their plan? Bluff the Germans into believing that an entire squadron of British warplanes is on patrol.  It's a game of high stakes propaganda poker. Unfortunately, the only cards they have in their hand are an unwanted passenger plane, an airstrip hidden in the jungle and a bunch of guys who enjoy dropping pumpkins out of airplanes.

So the team's eclectic engineer cobbles together a machine gun turret, adds some bomb racks and the Ellen Jane is born.  Soon her .30 caliber machine guns and small bomb load are all that stand between Hitler's minions and the coast of Brazil.

But Jeni quickly learns that fighting the Nazis won't be the only challenge.

Set in Brazil at the start of World War II, the series is named after one of the main characters, a Beech 18 transport plane that has been converted to a fighter/bomber. This is not your typical aviation book, nor does it fit neatly into the romance genre. It does address the spiritual and philosophical questions faced by people as they confront evil; struggle with forgiveness and deal with their own religious hypocrisy.

While there's plenty of romance for the ladies, there's enough adventure and machinery to entertain the men; and enough politics and religion to offend everyone.

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